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Volunteer Information for Scary U

If you are on this page we hope you are going to volunteer to help us with Scary U.
Thank You!

For those of you who are already volunteers we appreciate your efforts and hope this page will help answer some of your questions.

Our volunteer meetings are scheduled on the calendar page.

Please note that we do not have volunteer positions available for people who just want to help during performances. The volunteer committment must begin at the start of the project that you volunteer for.

Check back to this page often since we'll be posting updates to the schedules and other volunteer information.

Volunteer Positions that need filling include:
(These positions can be filled by multiple people and taking on one job doesn't prevent you from signing up for others also!)
  • Pirate Costumer - keep the staff properly costumed.
  • Makeup Supervisor -
  • Catering Supervisor
  • Vendor Liaison
  • Set Decorator/s
  • Volunteer Coordinator - responsible for recruiting volunteers, making sure fingerprinting gets done, keeping volunteers notified of meetings and schedules, and assigning jobs as needed. Also responsible for maintaing the volunteer database and making sure the volunteer needs are met and proper recognition is given at the VIP dinner.
  • Photographer - responsible for student and staff photos (both head shots and in-role) as well as photographing the event during setup and actual performances. Digital camera required but will be loaned to the photogtapher, if needed. Photographic background a must.
  • Student Supervisors - assists and teaches students during after-school and/or weekends. There will be a set schedule and curriculum for each session with the students. Topics taught will range the gamut of carpentry, costumes, animatronics, makeup, and many other skills. Requires fingerprint background check - we'll provide the info on this when necessary.
  • Marketing Coordinator - Works with the other committees and students to develop and implement a marketing plan for the Scary U events.
  • Trouble Shooter - Jack of All Trades - Each year we need someone with great handyman skills to tour the entire facility and fix things that break. This requires someone that has been involved from the start of the program building and designing the stuff that breaks.

Here's the event info for 2007:

We'll once again be setting up inside the train yard at Hagan Park.
Classes will start the first week of September. Classes meet after school and on weekends. Schedules are flexible.

Performance nights:

Halloween is on a Wednesday this year. So we'll be open on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday the 31st.