Contact: Jerry Jewell
916 600-2295

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The Jewell Performing Arts Center, Inc. will not be involved in running the ScaryU program this year, But the production will continue under the teen programs of the Cordova Recreation and Parks District.

At this point there is no involvment of the Jewell Performing Arts Center, Inc. other than renting various props and equipment to the producers..

Volunteers and students who want to participate in the 2010 program should contact Joel Watson at or call 916 541-0928
More information is available at

Scary U is the world's first and perhaps only Haunted House School

Each year our students build and run the award winning "Hagan Haunted Mansion".

Our 2004 Terror Train won the coveted "Golden Bucky Award" as the best professional haunted house in the USA.

In 2006 We won the Golden Bucky for Best Indoor Haunt in the world.
The 2007 Pirate Town was our biggest hit ever!
Tremendous thanks go to the entire Scary U Staff and Students.
We had a huge ($1000) donation from Mayor David Sander and Jerry Jewell has matched his donation to purchase two 27 foot semitrailers for storage.
Kudos to the following volunteers (in no particular order):
  • Jo Stoddard and Rod Whitaker for their tremendous culinary talents that kept the crew and public well fed.
  • Rob Pauly and Mike Frei for their undying energy and talent on the stage.
  • Shawn and his karate instructors for their "fight like a pirate show".
  • Mike Fox of Fox Productions, Creative Director of ScaryU and creator of the animatronic voices and animation.
  • SkullTroniX (Jerry and Kathryn Jewell) for the loan of animatronic skulls, skeletons, lighting, torture cages and much more.
  • Candy Ayotte - for her enormous efforts in keeping the interior decorating and students looking good. She also kept Jerry under control and healthy.
  • Jackie Stoddard and Mary Schardt for their assistance with the catering.
  • Melody and Conrad Mayer for their loan of the tents.
  • Shelley Blanchard and the GrapeVine Independent for their fantastic coverage and publicity of the event.
  • Sheila for the student candy bags.
  • Frank Buchanan for his carpentry, design work and photography.
  • Karol King and Wil for their construction help.
  • Lee Frechette, Pete and the rest of the SVLS crew for their help in set up and running of the trains.
  • Trish at Cordova Parks and Recreation for the lights, signs, portapotties and $$ for barrels.
  • Andy Porter for his daily commmitment to quality and artistic excellence. Andy is also an excellent teacher.
  • All the other adult volunteers who filled in whenever and wherever they were asked - including Debra, Peggy, Janet, Donnie, and many more.
  • Jerry Jewell, Director of the Jewell Performing Arts Center, Inc. who produces and is the main financial backer of the Scary U Haunted House School and Haunted Hagan Event.
  • Dennis Riley for the loan of electronics, design and implementation of pneumatics and much more.
  • Chuck Sommerville and LED Ef